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Holistic Coaching for Young Adults, Parents, & Families

Being a parent is hard, and being a parent with a student in school adds even more difficulty! One area that often comes up with our CES families is who provides support to parents and families while students are receiving resources for educational needs? Parents and families of students are often addressing complex needs like balancing appropriate levels of involvement, navigating academically-related conflicts, and accepting students' choices. CES Holistic Coaching for Young Adults, Parents, and Families is a tool to support you through these, and other, challenging educational topics. Holistic coaching is a necessary option to fill the gap for parents and families.


Holistic coaching honors your intuition, so this approach fosters a just, mutual partnership between the coach and clients. The holistic coaching process:

  • builds strong intentions

  • develops purpose action

  • creates positive impacts on educational and personal goals

CES Holistic coaching has a forward-facing orientation with the goal of giving you a space to focus on yourself in body, mind, and spirit. The most common question you'll hear in holistic coaching is, 'what would be most helpful for you at this moment today in service to your own goals?'


The hope of holistic coaching is that through holding an intentional, curious presence, you will take steps toward the goals you develop for yourself as the parent and family of a student. If you need holistic support or goal-setting strategies for parenting a student, reach out to CES and let us help!

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