Family Reviews

"Over the last year, Michael became a trusted and essential part of our child's academic life. During twice-weekly meetings, he gently coached and tutored our child and reached out to teachers to advocate for her. Throughout the academic year, we watched her school-related anxiety slowly lesson and her self confidence grow. She began to take pride in completing assignments, making great scores and enjoying the social life at school. The improvements are attributed directly to how well Michael and our child worked together. We are thankful to have him on our team." 

Amy L.

"Michael of Capital Educational Solutions is a dedicated and caring professional who goes well above and beyond to ensure the success of your child. My high schooler transitioned through a difficult time and Michael was the key to her success. Without the engagement and support of Michael, my daughter and I, would not have been able to navigate the process. It was a difficult journey and Michael was there every step of the way. Michael provided support, guidance and direction to provide her options for her success. I am grateful we are engaged with Michael."

Karol G.

"I cannot say enough good things about Capital Educational Solutions. If you're having even the slightest concerns regarding your child's academic ventures, reach out to CES. Michael will go above and beyond to help your family in ways you though impossible. Capital Educational Solutions has truly improved my children's lives both academically and emotionally. 

Logan T.

"CES has been an integral component of supporting our child and family as we faced a complex academic situation.  Working with CES, we were able to explore alternate educational settings to ultimately end up working with them directly to provide a homeschool environment for our child for the remainder of the academic year. Michael and Kathryn have worked to establish a strong and caring personal relationship built on trust while working at a pace to support both academic and individual needs.  By working in a 1:1 environment and putting the student first, we have not only gained time that was lost in the traditional classroom but experienced significant growth in confidence and academics."

Heather C.

"Capital Educational Solutions has played a vital role in helping us understand the path needed to take in order for our son to achieve success in school. We had so many questions and did not know where to even start but Michael made the process easy and less intimidating. Not only did he answer all of our questions, but he is very hands-on in helping us make the connections necessary for our son to succeed. I don't know where we would be without him today."

Cathy S. 

"Michael and Capital Educational Solutions have helped our child believe in himself again. Our son was having difficulty with organizational skills and Michael's approach to education has been inspiring and creative. We are so thankful for this continued help."

Rachel W.

"Capital Educational Solutions has been such an asset to our family. From personalizing our school tours to helping with transitions, Michael has made the process smooth and rewarding. We now know what school is the right fit for our daughter."

Kelly M.