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Acadmic Coaching


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Our specialists are available to help families meet their academic and personal goals for their students, regardless of their area of need. 
Through our School Navigation services, we support students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 plans, as well as families who are in need of assistance in finding the right educational setting for their child.


We strive to meet each family's unique needs within our ever-changing world of education. We are happy to offer the following school navigation services:

We look forward to developing a plan to help your family find success.

Individualized Education Plans and 504s

Have you ever left a school meeting, only to feel frustrated or overwhelmed with the outcome? Do you disagree with the school’s suggestions for your child? Is your child “lost in the system?” Does the educational jargon and documentation presented during meetings with teachers or administration seem unclear or confusing? Does the educational plan actually fit your child’s unique needs?


Capital Educational Solutions can help you navigate school conferences, IEP meetings and empower you to strategically impact school decisions for your child. In addition, CES can assist in IEP team collaboration, personalized testing, accessing and evaluating school resources, Academically Gifted and Special Education services, data analysis, strategic school planning and more.


CES listens to your family first and then partners with you to create goals, visit schools, and/or attend meetings that help create positive change and support your child's educational journey.

School Navigation

Are you finding that the traditional public school setting is not working for your child? If so, you have choices for the best setting, but the sheer number of choices can often be overwhelming! Charter, private, public magnet, homeschool? Which will work best?

Whether you're new to the area or you're reassessing your child's educational needs, CES School Navigation services can help you to find the best school for your child based on their needs. Our consultants will meet with you to assess your child's needs, the environment that would meet them best, and then develop a plan for their educational success. From finding the school, to enrolling your child in the necessary programs, CES will partner with your family every step of the way.

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