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Educational Consulting

Have you ever left a school meeting, only to feel frustrated or overwhelmed with the outcome? Do you disagree with the school’s suggestions for your child? Is your child “lost in the system?” Does the educational jargon and documentation presented during meetings with teachers or administration seem unclear or confusing? Does the educational plan actually fit your child’s unique needs?


Capital Educational Solutions can help you navigate school conferences, IEP meetings and empower you to strategically impact school decisions for your child. In addition, CES can assist in IEP team collaboration, personalized testing, accessing and evaluating school resources, Academically Gifted and Special Education services, data analysis, strategic school planning and more. CES listens to your family first and then partners with you to create goals, visit schools, and/or attend meetings that help create positive change.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Do you and/or your child experience frustration around homework, organization, grades, behavior and/or time management? Many students have underdeveloped executive functioning. Executive function skills enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks. Students without mature executive functioning skills have difficulty analyzing, planning, organizing, scheduling, and completing tasks. If this goes uncorrected families can experience constant chaos, tension, and frustration. Educating families, teachers, and schools about the student's executive function skills and how to help children develop strategies to strengthen those skills are essential to success inside and outside of the classroom. Early intervention is key to ensuring strategies and goals are implemented so the family and student feel accomplished.


If you need academic support or management strategies for homework, test preparation, projects, active reading strategies, organization and/or behavior, reach out to CES and let us help.

School Navigation

Are you overwhelmed with all of the school system options available to your family? Do you have questions about how to apply for schools when your child is in preschool, elementary, middle or high school? What are the differences between types of schools like charter, magnet, traditional, year-round and private, and which school best fits our family’s needs? What about my child's future and planning for college? What options are available in the Triangle?


CES has extensive experience in many different school settings and each can be uniquely different. Let us help you make the right decision for your family. We will provide information regarding all available options so you can make an informed decision about what is best for your child now while planning for academic success in the future. Navigating these decisions can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Let's visit schools together, get the answers you need, and find the right fit for your child.

Homeschool Consultant/Teacher

The rate at which families are Homeschooling in the United States has steadily risen for the last 10 years. In fact, according to the US Government and educational researchers, the number of students being homeschooled in the US has doubled in the last decade. The five main reasons parents are choosing to homeschool in these ever increasing numbers are listed below:

  • Negative or Harmful School Environment

    • The National Household Education Survey (NHES), which is conducted every four years by the US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics, says that the highest rated reason parents choose to homeschool is the negative environment of their child's public/private school. Bullying is the concern most often indicated. These are incidents wherein students tease, inflict physical harm, or progressively use more abusive or hurtful language. This behavior can often be dismissed by teachers and go unreported by the children who experience bullying. 

  • Desire for Higher Quality Education

    • With the implementation of Common Core in many states, declining state education budgets, increased student enrollment, and other factors, many parents believe that the quality of education in today's schools has significantly declined.  With crowded classrooms and fewer resources, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for teachers to provide one-on-one instruction to students in the traditional setting.

  • Improving Social Interactions

    • Parents want less exposure to bullying and peer pressure and more positive social interactions that support their values in a supportive and creative environment.

  • Support for Special Needs

    • Children with special needs experience more challenges in school if not given the appropriate resources, attention and support. With limited time and resources in traditional classrooms, it is considerably more difficult for many children with special needs to receive the specialized instruction they need in order to learn most effectively.

  • Minimizing Disruption During Family Relocation

    • One of the most challenging components of relocation is maintaining consistency in education. Many times, when children enter the new school setting, the curriculum and lessons are not compatible with their previous school, making it difficult for students to continue their educational track. Homeschooling has been the answer to minimizing the educational disruption caused by relocation.  

Homeschooling has become very popular for families in North Carolina. At CES we understand that a parent’s decision to homeschool can be based on many factors that vary for each family. CES is sensitive to each parent's goals for their child and his/her education, and we want to provide you with the guidance and support you need to help you personalize your homeschooling experience. Homeschooling parents can also benefit from having more time during their day to focus on activities and lessons that encourage positive, impactful learning. Educating our children should be fun, flexible, and engaging. CES can help you create the right plan for your family.

To find out more about how CES can partner with your family to make a successful transition to homeschooling, please call or email us today.