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Taught by highly qualified educators, the CES Homeschool classes are designed with student needs in mind and tailored to accommodate a variety of learners. With small classes of an average of 12 students, our Homeschool program is ideal for students who have academic needs that have not been met in the traditional classroom environment, and need a little extra support. Both core classes and electives are offered at academic and honors levels and are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and meet the North Carolina graduation requirements.



CES Homeschool courses are designed to fit the needs of each individual student, and are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. With cohorts of 10 students or less, teachers are able to work with students more closely and adjust pacing, teaching style, and activities to meet their needs. Activities focus on collaboration, emphasize demonstrating mastery through engaging activities and class discussions.


CES Homeschool teaches both core and elective courses, at both honors and academic levels, in order to meet the requirements of a North Carolina diploma. Courses are taught by highly-qualified educators with extensive educational experience. Elective offerings vary by semester and student needs.


All courses at CES Homeschool are hybrid, meaning students are able to participate in-person or virtually as necessary. Students across the nation and throughout the Triangle area are able to participate however they need for their specific learning and family needs.

Small class sizes, and extensive experience with students with varying needs, allows CES educators to meet the needs of each student, regardless of if they are in-person or virtual.

Distance Learning


CES Homeschool classes meet from 9-3, Monday through Thursday, with individual work sent home on Fridays. Based on their cohort, students will have core classes for 2 hours a day, with the option to take a variety of electives during the other class hours. Course offerings are based on student needs and interests and will vary from one semester to the next.

Meet our Educators


Michael Williams

20+ years of experience

  • Middle School Core

  • High School Core

Brittany Probst

10+ years of experience

  • French Language

  • Electives

Headshot - Colton Flick.png

Colton Flick

10 years of experience

  • Performing Arts

  • Media Design

Prince_Headshot (2)_edited.jpg

Dr. Krista Prince

10+ years of experience

  • Executive Function 

  • Academic Writing


The pricing  model allows families the flexibility to determine how much they will pay above the base monthly payment for core classes. Cost will vary depending  on the number of elective courses students are signed up for.


CES Homeschool accepts payments via the North Carolina Education Student Accounts (ESA+) Program. If your family is in need of financial help, or needs assistance in applying for the ESA+ program, please contact us. 

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