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Thomas Welch,
Educational Consultant

Tom graduated from Northern Michigan University with a B.S. in Education, Math, Science, and a Michigan Teaching Certificate for grades K-8 in all subjects. After graduation, Tom began his career at a public middle school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Tom I loved it; he taught English, Literature,  Art, Math, History, and  Geography. Tom knows middle school students are going through such major changes, and he believes it is amazing to get to be a part of their lives at such a pivotal stage.

Tom Welch, educational consultant

Tom quickly realized it was cold in the Upper Peninsula and relocated to sunny Los Angeles, California. Tom was certified to teach California K-12 in all subjects and taught 6th through 10th grade for a private, Christian school. In California, Tom married the love of his life, Claudia.

Tom's favorite experience was teaching math and reading to struggling students. Tom loves being able to work one-on-one with students who are discouraged and defeated by putting together customized programs that cater to their learning styles and needs--then being part of the process of watching them blossom, grow, and succeed! 

In addition to teaching all subjects in 6th grade, Tom taught Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Trigonometry, Biology, and Physics at the high school level. Making a career change to the world of finance, Tom spent three decades as a financial advisor, raised and home-schooled 3 children, and relocated to Raleigh. Tom tried to retire but jokes, "I am just not good at retirement!" Now, Tom is thrilled to return to his first professional love: teaching. When he is not tutoring, Tom enjoys lifting weights at the gym, playing with his grandchildren, hiking with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons with his sons, or feeding (not very) wild creatures.

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