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Susan McKeown
Educational Consultant
Academic Specialist

Susan McKeown has been in the education industry for over 16 years serving students in all grades. She completed her Psychology degree at East Carolina University with secondary study in Sociology and Child Development. Later, she attended Meredith College where she obtained her Master of Business, and lastly, she received her education license from North Carolina Central University. 

Susan started her career in corporate America with Alcatel, a France-based tech company. There she worked as a global project manager. Upon leaving the tech industry, Susan studied education and entered classroom teaching. Her journey in the field of education has included all grades and most subjects. Susan’s passion for education stems from wanting to instill confidence in a student’s learning abilities and to assist in the development of strong study habits leading to classroom success. Susan's strengths include time management and organization, planning, instilling leadership qualities, and excellent communication skills. Above all, Susan believes every student has the power to be engaged in a partnership together with her to succeed in their learning journey. 


Susan brings a fresh look into supporting students through both in-person and virtual learning. She can help students develop their path to being stronger in the classroom and yielding future success. Susan provides K – 12th-grade academic coaching and tutoring, ACT/SAT prep, standardized test coaching, and college advisement. Susan develops not only a relationship with the student but also one with the parents, being in partnership with both. 


When not assisting students and parents, Susan enjoys uninterrupted time with her family and dogs, the beach, and running.

Susan McKeown, educational consultant
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